Summer Rain In A Doon Village

I am trying my hand in poetry these days and here is one for the start. This is about the summer rains before the harvest season begins in Dehra Dun. The sights and sounds are all from doon. It is called "Summer Rain"


somewhere in clouds above, there is intrigue in the air,
the summer sun has taken refuge, hidden in it's lair.

the lands are parched, the winds are dry and dusty,
with his cracked hands, the farmer look above lusty.

dancing with the winds, the salsify tries to keep the tune,
there is electricity in the air, in this animate noon.

the heavens shudder, nearby strikes a blot from the gray,
signifying power & fear, but somehow only my dogs gets sway.

the shiny and mighty eucalyptus, swaying to kiss the earth,
and in this chaos, a million toona seeds escape with the mirth.

in this madness, the tree-stuck kites flutter wildly and toss,
wishing to be rescued, before rains crucify them to the cross.

from my window i see, the fallen wheat crop in fields below,
as if the heavens tried crop circles, with its mighty blow.

the beetles & the bees are long gone, for their work is done,
their labor nearing fruition, which started in early spring sun

the kids are elated in the street, as if they completed high school,
maybe the power lines are down, that's why all these kids misrule.

outside the money-plant is shiny now, and dahlia is pepped up again,
all seem invigorated, i can from my watering job some days abstain.

i tell my sedated dogs, that all this will get over soon,
probably they also like this small relief, from the summer June.

i wait hurriedly, for all this blitzkrieg to be over fast,
for in my mind, is only to collect the fallen raw mango loot.

the rains were intense & muddy,as brown as if the First Curse,
ask the Maker, this is just the beginning of the first verse.

it smelt strangely pleasant,some say as if first rains on burnt lands,
i say it smells like redemption & hope, i say it smells like desire.

perched high up in the air, i wish i was a rainmaker,
bringing life to everything below, acre by acre.

The Seventh Month Roundup

This is the first post in seven months, I never meant to take this big a break from blogger ever, but then can you plan everything? any ways, for now the blog is alive. Since the last write-up in sometime October, there has been some pretty dramatic events that have happened that I used to blog about regularly. More detailed insights will be coming in the later posts that delve into them in detail.

- first, is the spectacular and the gigantic unwinding of the massive securities leveraging that has been built over the years in derivatives market. The net result has been that world financial markets has become one big vacuum that was sucking all real money to cover up losses in betting on notional money markets causing the money supply to dry and lead the world into recession. The visible result is that American corporate landscape has changed, and changed for ever. post-Detroit, post-Big Banks, the shine is off of corporate America.

- second, is the increasing grip of Taliban that is gnawing at the periphery in the neighbouring Pakistan. Add to this the 29-11 outrage, I think the day of reckoning has come for Islamabad. If you have lost control of places within 100 miles of capital (Swat, Buner), then I don't know what else is Pakistani military leadership is waiting for. I mean, can it go more dire, it does not take 100% support to conquer 100% of country. Only 10% can intimidate the rest 90% in submission. Indian Kashmir seems to be pretty much next on the cross hairs.

- thirdly, the Indian election, for not what was elected, but for what was rejected. regionalism is out, so is caste driven, religion driven politics. This election will be the first after 1989-mandal infused environs, where caste based politics was put on the back burner and development has been brought to fore. Equally inspiring is the revival of national parties and break from regionalism. Also the lack of communists can make sure that economic reforms can move forward especially in banking, pension and labour markets.

- lastly, the US election, that brought President Obama to the White House, what matters is not the party, but the style of functioning that he bring to office. The world needs some serious leadership in areas like renewable energy, financial regulation, curbing protectionism barriers, stem cell research, global warming and rising tide of militant Islam. I hope this president brings new approaches to these intricate issues, as we are already starting eight years late.