Translation - Dil-e-Naadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai (Ghalib)

dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kya hai ?
aakhir iss dard kee dawa kya hai ?

Line 1/2 - O! my childish and naive heart, what has happened to you? What is the medicine for this pain after all? The poet says what has happened to his heart?, what is the remedy for this state?

hum hain mushtaaq aur woh bezaar
ya ilaahee! yeh maajra kya hai ?

Line 3/4 - I am longing for you, but you seem so disinterested. Dear God, what is this problem? My fondness for you knows no bounds and yet you are indifferent.

main bhi munh mein zabaan rakhta hoon
kaash! poocho ki "muddaa kya hai" ?

Line 5/6 - I too have a tongue in my mouth. I wish if you had asked what is the intent or issue?

jab ki tujh bin naheen koee maujood
fir ye hangaama, 'ei khuda! kya hai

Line 7/8 - When nobody else but you only exist, why God! what is the clamor all about? The poet says that if only God is present in its grandeur (and the rest are temporal and material), then what are these other views that captivate us?

ye paree chehara log kaise hain?
ghamza-o-ishwa-o-'adaa kya hai ?

Line 9/10 - How are these angel faced people? those amorous glance, that flirting behavior.. what is all this? The poet says that these beauties if you are saying are transitory, but they are still so bewitching.

shikan-e-zulf-e-ambaree kyon hai ?
nigah-e-chashm-e-soorma sa kya hai ?

Line 11/12 - Why are there curls of those fragrant tresses of yours? What are these glances from those kajal lined eyes of yours?

sabja-o-gul kahaan se aaye hain ?
abr kya cheez hai, hawa kya hai ?

Line 13/14 - Where has this greenery and flowers have come from? What kind of thing is clouds.. What is that blowing wind? The poet says these sights and sounds are so charming that they rival the beauty of God's existence.

hamko unse wafa ki hai ummeed
jo naheen jaante wafa kya hai

Line 15/16 - I live in the hope of faithfulness from those, who does not even know what is the meaning of faithfulness.

"haan bhala kar tera bhala hoga"
aur darvesh kee sada kya hai ?

Line 17/18 - Do good to others and good things would happen to you. What else does the holy man preach? Ghalib seems to be telling his beloved that do good deeds (like returning his love) and she would be favorably placed to receive God's grace.

jaan tum par nisaar karta hoon
main naheen jaanata duaa kya hai

Line 19/20 - I offer my life to you as a sacrifice. I do not know what praying is?

maine maana ki kuchch naheen 'ghalib'
muft haath aaye to bura kya hai?

Line 21/22 - I agree that Ghalib is worth nothing. But if you are getting him free, then what is the harm in it? The poet showing modesty (self-abasement), despite knowing his true value and says to his beloved that there is no harm in associating with him and if he is not found helpful, then there would be still no loss as he comes free.

Meaning of difficult words :-
mushtaaq = interested
bezaar = displeased/sick of
paree chehara = angel faced
ghamza = amorous glance
ishwa = coquetry
shikan = wrinkle/fold
ambaree = fragrance
chashm = eye
abr = clouds
darvesh = beggar
sada = voice

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