The Coming Demographics Demon

I don't know if you people noticed it, but going through a lot of on-line publications & journals these days about how differential growth rates of different communities with in the society has a potential for future cataclysm. Most of this chatter is being directed towards the higher birth rates that the Muslim community has and the fact that the birth rates in whole of Europe has fallen below what is called as replacement level. You know, playing with demographics is like playing with fire, but on the other hand you can't deny the fact that demographics is issue that Europe has to face. If not on account of growth rate differences between communities then due to ongoing immigration from West Asia and North Africa..

Facing the Islamist Menace

And we thought this type of diabolical stuff only comes from third world countries and African genocides, where fundamentalist and clan loyalties ruled roost. Such jingoism usually comes out from Shiv Sena's mouthpiece. But this comes from the heart of american mainstream media, such is the fear psychosis that has inadvertently been injected into hearts and minds of the american establishment that they have started imagining things out of nowhere.. & the interesting part is nobody is complaining. I don't think Europe is falling to Islam any time soon. We are still long long way off. And for that matter how did this meaningless debate even get stated at the first place. Muslims in no European county exceeds 10% except Russia & Balkans. 10% can't become 50% any time soon. Such is the helpless or maybe say it callous attitude that there have been talks that the killings in Iraq are harbinger of coming peaceful times, and maybe it is by this genocide that peace will finally prevail, and the Christian west need not fear this churning in Islam. I guess most of the american thinkers must be betting on the Clash of Civilizations to be played out in Europe in the near future. I guess Osama and Zarqawi have already won the war.

Russia & The Muslim Russia

Don't know if the facts in the article are true, but it states that Russia will be Muslim majority before the mid century. Now this is interesting, but I doubt if its true.

The View Outside My Window

its a long weekend here & I 'm having rest, pretty much long rest from the blogsphere. I will be back though.. for sure :)

~Hope You're Feeling Better~

Method In Madness

i yesterday saw stanley kubrick's paths of glory... and today i read this piece of report on IHT... the build-a-war workshop... and i find a certain analogy from both as to how some people profit from sending other people to fight somebody else's worthless wars... and then you feel that these people in higher echelons of power, where life and death decisions are being made, they are more cheap then unknowns fighting in bigg boss or big brother (depending on which part of world you are living...) these people are cheats.. war profiteers... and spin doctors of the worst kind... look at the way the intel on iraq was twisted... and today similar reports of iran's involvement in arming shiite's have come... it's all coming to a full circle now... and the pattern is sickening though.. the problem is, any miscalculation by any of the sides.. and we have one helluva conflict on our hands from turkey to pakistan... and i don't think america has the stomach for it... at least for now...

~We Can Work It Out~

That Elusive Life

you know... weekends are one huge disappointment that never fails to disappoint... you start longing for them on monday itself.. and by thursday evening, you are at your lively best.. only one more work day to weekend... on the friday evening, you feel like as if you have been released from a lifelong sentence... the friday's commute back home doesn't bother you... you feel your legs don't touch the grounds out of excitement... you think of stuff you gonna do this weekend... you think of the careless abandon that those two days will be... and you thank God for his big hearted-ness and for those two days when even the offices of hell are closed... and to be frank.. the real thing is big letdown... and then when its gone mostly doing nothing... you think what was the big fuss about it... but on the monday evening... you are back again yearning for that elusive weekend...

~King Of Pain~

India Business Watch

NYT reports on signs that indian economy may be overheating and risks being tripped up..