Day Dreaming

This is the second poem that I have written, this is an allegory with tribute to symbolism and fantasy.

this is a story of a boy who used to walk everyday aimlessly on the stony shore
amid screaming seagulls one day, he finds a lovely shell that he could ever explore

with this shell in his clumsy hand, he climbs down the rabbit hole in his backyard
escaping from the giant locust who eyes the elegant sea shell, he runs feeling scared

down in the bright underground, he sees on the wall a pegasus sitting cross-legged
to the boy's surprise, humpty dumpty was his name, the pegasus hesitantly divulged

the boy tells he wants to go to eden, to the place where he gets to keep his shell
the white pegasus offered to give him a ride till there, in return of a little help

the beast wants leaves from the tree of eternal life, to heal his broken feather
the boy agrees to his simple wish, all he wants is the sea shell and he together

the boy is playing with his shell, on the way they met pinocchio sitting tight
they ask for the way, he babbles while his nose gets longer that gives them a fright

they ran & wander along the red sea, coming across the crying queen of hearts
she points us towards a red big balloon floating, and cries - o my king of hearts

they all rode towards the flying king, catching it just before the dark forest
the queen united with her queer king, thanks us and enquires about our quest

they tell her about the pursuit, she wands her stick and a black faun appears
she says it will guide us, but somehow the faun in place of eyes had only tears

on way forward they meet a princess, who offered them grail in return for the shell
the boy held it close to his heart, which made her disappear as it broke the spell

at last they all reached garden of eden, the boy climbed the fabled eternal tree
as soon as the peagasus had the leaves, the white beast morphed into a nymph free

the beauty asked what he wished, the boy cried asking to be with his shell forever
she altered the shell to a sea maiden, and granted they will be separated never

the boy held the beautiful sea maiden's hand close to his heart, and asked her name
"hope" she quivers, they gently kiss with the full moon shining in back of the frame