Evolution & God

Darwin's God.

God & Evolution don't gel, at least in my opinion. I have always been on the side of evolutionists blasting off at the creationists. The above article is more of a what role evolution played in out belief in God & Religion rather than what role God had in evolution. And since I have no belief in God as a concept, I will focus more on the other half, what part God played in creation. If you ask me how we are here, I hold particularly strong views against the creationist theory.

I 'm all for evolution. We & Everything-Living have evolved over millions of years from lower life forms to these complex forms. Its not from the hands of the Creator that we have been moulded, It is a constant play of hit & trial of evolution process. Evolution is a constant process. We are ever-evolving from millions of years & will continue to do so. The reason we don't see it is because the time lines involving evolution transcend our senses. It is happening as we sleep and as we live. Evolution has no path, it has no endpoint, it has no final destination as such.We don't arrive anywhere by evolving. It happens all by itself, and we can not stop it. To say that evolution had a goal in populating earth is a misnomer. We are here by chance, a mathematical improbability so as to say. We are there because our hands allowed us to efficiently use the giant brain that we evolved. Had any of the crucial links been missing we may have been obliterated form the face of the earth. In the last age where life form exploded, billions of life form evolved, evolution was and is a giant experiment. It is a huge petri-dish that manages all by itself, where every possible shape & concept is given a chance, and only fitter & more agile survive to constantly evolve to better shape & concept. No shape is perfect because no environment is perfect. Its a constant trade off between life & life supporter environment. This may sound too mechanical, but then it is the way it is.

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