Making Sure I Have September Post

I haven't blogged in ages now & in between lot of interesting and not so interesting things seem to have happened, nothing on the personal front though. My canvas seem as drab as ever. Meanwhile the surge in Iraq goes on, India wrestles between the Ram & the Bomb, the sub-prime mortgage misery unfolds out here. In the neighbourhood Musahraff clowns around his lady luck, while Taliban gnaws at the periphery. In cricket 20-20 has reduced cricket to such levels of hoax-ism, I wonder if its a cricket any more or maybe its some kind of fast melting ice cream that still is ice cream but still not the ice cream and if this was not enough then we have media frenzy (CNN) on OJ Simpson (yet again! )

But still I don't feel about writing them any more, and for that matter why should I write them and for whom, maybe they are just some mindless gabble that nobody really reads & nobody really cares out. But given a deep thought, I wonder since when I have started to write for others and care a damn about others. It is my life, its my alter ego, its only here, in this page that I chooses how to live it and I choose how to die in it. This is my soapbox & I am ain't going anywhere yet.

On other things coming up I declined to come back to U.S. again on this project. Maybe it came on too easy or maybe I am not satisfied with my own performance out here leave aside the aimless work & the hopeless project. I don't know if maybe 5-6 months down the line I will regret my decision of not coming back here, especially for the money thing. Damn this bloody money. I think my time is done out here, in this project & in this company, and increasing the stay just adds to the misery. I am going back India in a month's time & then the new battle starts, what to do next with this mortal soul? I hate doing this, I really do, but then that's what life is. That elusive hope, that mindless struggle of the mind against the weak flesh. I am tired. now.

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  1. Hey Neg's..good to see you back with a bang!....i love the way u decipher things,i really do...well it was nice to see you back on blogger after a month or so :-)