Swiss Army Knife Syndrome

What does one want? The versatility of the Swiss army knife or the utility of the mundane kitchen knife. The Swiss army knife with its plethora of tools is helpful in cutting across most tight corners that one may find oneself in, but when at ease, when in the luxury of you home, you really don't want to be using it to do all your cutting with it. This is a quintessential choice I am facing, whether to stick to one set of technologies or be what I had been till day, jack of all trades, ace of none !. I used to like being a multi-headed hydra, but I guess its easier being a simple knife then the fancy-ism of the Swiss army knife.

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  1. super song i guess this 'watching the wheels' by john lennon.. absolute pleasure to hear that song.. so profound..

    hydra is better i guess.. cause you have plan b, c, d....