What's Next?

After Tunis, Cairo is the other capital that has fallen to people power frustrated over the lack of reforms, employment and long reigned monarchs that are aloof to the sufferings of the street. Of the 22 countries that constitute the Arab League, only 3 were democracies. The rest 19 (including Tunisia & Egypt) were ruled by despots and autocrats. So there are still 17 more color revolutions waiting to happen. Wonder if there are so many colors available :) The 3 members that are democratic are Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine Territories. Each of the three are still mired in no less existential crises at home. So democracy or no democracy, this region will never have a slow news day i guess. Anyways, hiccups in democratic setups in these countries is no excuse to authoritarian regimes that Arab world is so full of. Three Cheers to the people power and remember there are 17 more to go! Keep the ammo ready and dry!

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