Another One Bites The Dust

Sepia Mutiny is closing shop today after a very very long run (long in context of the web where most interesting things are transitory). It was among the few initial blogs that I started to read and follow. For the past few years though i had been less and less frequent to that blog (for that matter to any blog including mine). It is sign of the times. The discussion has moved over to Twitter and Facebook long time back. Whatever blog enthusiast were left have moved to busy married life and even more busier jobs. Blogs are seen as passé. Some are now just an extension of the huge corporate media arms where blogs are run like publications with paid writers and moderated content.
I am not convinced that Twitter/Facebook provide the canvas that blogs did. 140 words is not even enough to prepare the construct, leave aside the narrative. But then we are living in a post-post-post-modernism (if there is such a term) where the explosion of media (social and digital) has left user attention span difficult to capture. In such a crowded ecosystem, blogs do not stand a chance. They never did.
Lets see how long this blog breathes. I for sure will not let it go easy!

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