Translation - Ghair Lein Mehfil Mein (Ghalib)

ghair lein mehfil mein bose jaam ke
ham rahain yoon tishna_lab paighaam ke

Line 1/2 - The others in the gathering are all enjoying the company of wine. They are kissing glasses of wine as if it was their beloved. While my lips are thirsty even in this frolic, for i am thirsty of a message of my beloved and not of wine. In a higher realm, this can be interpreted as all others are kissing the book(Koran) and the religion, but I am thirsty of the message that the religion means.

khastagee ka tumse kya shikwa ki ye
hathkande hain charkh-e-neelee_faam ke

Line 3/4 - What/Why should I complain of the bodily injury that I am afflicted with, these sky-blue colored marks on my body are just my tactics to get some attention from the beloved. Again one can argue that the lines mean, that why should i complain of the sickness, these are just the ways of the One (the blue-sky color and omnipotent God)

khat likhenge garche matlab kuchch na ho
ham to aashiq hain tumhaare naam ke

Line 5/6 - I am such a mad and crazy lover of you that I would write a letter to you, even though the contents of the letter does not make sense. The poet in so deep in love that all he can think of his beloved and fascinates about these small nuances with his beloved.

raat pee zamzam pe mai aur subh_dam
dhoye dhab'be jaam-e-'eharaam ke

Line 7/8 - The poet says that at night, we drank wine at the zam zam well (Zam Zam well is located at Mecca and its water is considered holy) and in the morning I rubbed and washed of the stains of the wine on the special haj gown that is to be worn during pilgrimage to KabbaGhalib takes a aim at the religious orthodoxy that has masked the minds of the classes by rigid rules that they themselves do not follow.

dil ko aankhon ne fasaaya kya magar
ye bhee halqe hain tumhaare daam ke

Line 9/10 - This heart of mine has been betrayed by my eyes to be your devotee, but then even these rings/circle (meaning eyes) are just one of your many traps. Every bit, every part of my body is your, they all rise(conspire) to become one in your devotion.

shaah ke hain ghusl-e-sehat ko khabar
dekhiye kab din firein hammaam ke

Line 11/ 12 - I have not really been able to decipher this so will state literally what the translation means. The health bath club (it is usually the king's inner circle) of the king is aware of his affliction, lets see when the days of the hot bath turn around and he gets to enjoy the hot bath and massage.

ishq ne 'ghalib' nikamma kar diya
warna ham bhee aadmee thae kaam ke

Line 13/14 - The poet laments that this love has made 'Ghalib' him useless and lazy, otherwise he was also a very capable man. pretty simple and neat!. This can go very well with a beloved as well as devotion to the God.

Meaning of difficult words -
bosa = kiss
tishna = thirsty
khastagee = injury/sickness
shikawa = complaint
hathkande = tactics
charkh = sky
neelee_faam = blue color/complexion
zamzam = a well in Kaba whose water is considered holy
mai = wine
subh_dam = at dawn
'eharaam = dress for 'haj'
halqa = ring/circle
daam = net/trap
ghusl = bath
sehat = health
hammaam = a hot bath where a masseur gives massage and bath

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