Disposable Lives

since Times Unknown .. since the time Humans have walked on the face of this earth ... we Human follow a certain pattern .. a pattern of unbrindled consumption. This endless facination with the desire to all the things all the time has seen some good times ... and some bad times but still we desire for more and more.
Today we are living in times of "consumerism" .This maddening pace of instant gratification ... desire to own all the expensive... not necessarily good things wether we deserve/require them or not has led us to a state where "Desire" has erroded the "Want" or "Need". Material gain and social status become all-consuming, and relationships and ideals are considered disposable to materialistic gains.
The crux of this behaviour is not that half of the world population still cannot afford decent two-square meal but that when these good times are gone our disposable lives will make us the "garbage" of our times.
This may sound a la...Che Guevara .. revolution... believe me I am as strong supporter of laissez faire as the IMF. but this explosion of media aided frenzy of conspicuous consumption kinds of unnerves me .. where does this lead us .. where do we go from here .... are we mature enough .. our relationship mature enough to deal with this "right-here,right-now" phenomenon..Behind this hedonistic and sumptuousness behaviour lies a father who doesn't have enough spare time for his child .. a youth who just forged a credit-card .. a young lady who needs to "feel higher" after her fight with husband .
There can be be no "Wal-Martification" of India. We can not be a country governed by "mammons" ...or "kleptomaniacs" ... because behind this seemingly calm of opulent India lies the bitter reality and that India has no "desires" it only has "wants" and "needs".

~The Land Has Eyes~

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