Imagine ....

you know ... the one thing i love about these tech. companies is the coffee vending machines and the water cooler..... they are the kind'of oasis in the desert....where life grows with all its vigour ....these innocent looking corners are the hub of all the ideas... plots ..gossips .. intrigues... that go about in a typical tech. these endless discussions around these machines ..some topics are as old as the sun... old rants about the company ....kind'of work and the other company down the other end of the street....but occasionally there are intresting discussion that crops up and keep you busy for days apart ...sample this ....what we had been had we not been into software... hmmmmmmm ....well its a difficult ask ....and i guess i don't know how to answer this.....But surely if you were given a chance to re-live your life all over again ...what will you choose ..?? people come up with all type of ideas and thoughts ....but tell you one thing .... and this is true in most of the cases ... atleast in my case...people would make the exact same choices they had made...One friend of mine said he wants to be a truck-driver who earns a ton....this is frivolous truck-driver earns that much...vikas (my-to-be-reborn-truckdriver-friend) i could better that ...i want to be a shepard who manages a flock of yak in the forbidden lands of tibet....a shepard with a GPRS-phone and email about it...but jokes ideas of doing something different with my life changes with the passage of time ... but i guess thats true with the kind'of influences and distractions one is exposed to these days ...these days i think of being reborn as a rock-star in the sixties .. how about...a 'famous five' instead of 'fab four' .... boy i love those years... i really do ...even if i dont not become a rock-star in those radical and turbulent years ...years that represented a new state of consciousness, the questioning of authority, a sense of empowerment, the intense idealism and the experience of community , time of cultural and political movements and ....i want to relive the magic of the sixties.
so what was the the sixties all about ... outside of great music ...The era of the sixties was marked by an expansion of consciousness ...people alienated with materialistic comforts embraced a new kind of spirituality. ..i.e. experiences involving non-ordinary modes of awareness 'transpersonal' ....psychedelic drugs like LSD played a significant role in that movement ....rightly expressed in as ....."Get out of your head and into your senses!" also expansion of social consciousness, triggered by a radical questioning of authority....the American civil rights movement demanded that blacks be included in the political process, the free speech movement in universities throughout the US....the very vocal anti-war campaign by students and peace loving citizens against the horrific war in Vietnam and Indo-China and the movements and marches against the Soviet occupations of the eastern europe countries....watergate ... nuclear weapons ...communism...greens ...cultures and counterculture...drugs...there was also a strong sense of community.... people wore long hair, colorful and individualistic clothes, flowers, beads, and other jewelry. ... we call them hippies these days ...who can forget the Beatles lovely voice .. the Bob Dylan lyrics ... the Rolling Stones exuberance....Jimi Hendrix stage histronics ...... the LSD influenced Pink Floyd psychedelic rock....the sounds of Led Zeppelin ...and the innocence of Jim Morrison ...The rock and culture of the sixties found its ultimate visual expressions in Woodstock 1969 ....boy ...who doesn't want to live in those desperate times...
finishing off with some lines from Johnn Lennon 'Imagine'

You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope some day you'll join us
and the world will live as one.


  1. What about a hotelier? I would take a restaurant perhaps. Chain of restaurants!

  2. yeah ...somebody as famous as Paris Hilton ...and yet not that infamous...

  3. Been always obsessed being a sportsman or maybe an expert in international affairs writing columns or voicing opinions etc.,

    Agreed 60s always has this aura.. 'the wonder years' serial really epitomises the 60s .. check it out..