Confessions of a Lazy Mind

Some more musing about myself . a set of one liner questions to get more insight into myself .. boy .... am i beoming a narcist ? ....but thats a seperate issue .. and thanks to Vivek for the inspiration for this

Q. What am I currently listening ?
AC/DC - Big Balls

Q. What am I currently reading ?
Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Q. What is my short-term goal ?
To complete this post ..

Q. What is my long-term goal ?
To learn guitar ..

Q. Which camp I belong to , Dravid-camp or Ganguly-camp ?
Does that matter anyway ..?

Q. Anything I wish to see in my life-time ?

Q. Ultimate Fantasy ..of anykind ?
Travel on the footsteps of Marco Polo but this time on SUV ...

Q. Any Band I wish to see reunited ?
Pink Floyd ..

Q. Dream Date ...again definitely female ?
Charlize Theron ...ever been her fan since Devil's Advocate

Q. Favorite Holiday Destination ?
Sea Of Tranquility, Moon

Q. What I wish to be born in my next life ?
I guess .. a rock-star

Q. How do I Look ?
Not my age ..

Q. What is my Favourite movie ?
Definately ...Forrest Gump.

Q. Favourite Channel on T.V. ?
History Channel

Q. Do I have any gay friends ?

Q. What is better..marooned on island or abandoned on an oasis in desert ?
Oasis in Desert ..atleast there is fresh water ..

Q. Do I believe in collective good/social justice ?

Q. Any role-models ?
No.... none

Q. Do I have a GirlFriend ?
No ...Never ...

Q. Does the above question bother you ?
If yes don't worry me sleepless nights as well..i am 26

Q. Do I always say No ?
No ..

Q. What is my Favourite color ?

Q. What am I wearing today ?
Black T-shirt and Black Jeans ..

Q. Am I willing to improve myself ?
No ..Take me as I am ..

Q. Do I belive in God ?
No ..

Q. Have I ever done drugs ?
No ...

Q. Again , Do I always say No ?
No ..but i can't help ..

Q. What is the biggest luxury I had ..till date ?
Campus placement ..

Q. Does it look like that I have no work in office today ?
If you think yes ..its true...

Q. Do I believe in Global Warming ?
Again ..yes

Q. Do I drink alcohol ?
No...socially ...hmmmm..occasionally ....yeah...regularly .. bas..bas ..

Q. Do I belive in "love-at-first-sight" ?
I don't know ..

Q. What is difficult to find these days ..comfort or peace-of-mind?
hmmmmm.....I guess Osama Bin Laden ..

Q. Do I believe the in 'India Rising' ?
Yes can see it all in TV ...i guess

Q. Has 'Democracy failed India' or 'India failed Democracy' ?
How about putting it as ..have 'politicians failed India' ..and answer is Yes..

Q. Do I see myself as an activist ?
A lazy activist...but surely not communist ...

Q. Anything I love about the soaps on Indian TV ?
Yes .. the ladies are lovely ..flawless

Q. Anything I wish to see being widely used ...?
Renewable Energy ..and condoms as well..

Q. My opinion on corruption ?
Does my opinion change anything ?

As i have already said before ...analysis and therapy is highly welcome ..

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