V For Visibility

Sometime back a movie called 'V for Vendetta' came... it talks about a dystopian world suffering with a one 'fatal flaw'.. there is something thats going on in our project these days.. and its called 'V for Visibility'... i tried looking up the meaning of visibilty and this is what i could salvage on WorldWeb.. "perceptible by the eye or obvious to the eye" ... 'Visibility' per se means creating a slow and sustained 'high voltage impact' over a period of time.. a sort of slow-witted moves that may look foolish prima-facie but increases your 'Brand-Recall' and leaves your opponents caught off-guard.. sample this a perfect example.. you have accomplished a task ( the task was pretty trivial.. ) , but you created quite an impression by doing it.. writing a long artistic mail.. and then marking the copy of that mail to every person that was even remotely connected to this task.. so in the first place you have created an impact ( If thats what we call 'Visibility'.. ) and secondly you have marginalized your colleagues.. even though the task was such that even a dumb-ass can accomplish it.. ( hmmm.. mind you, i don't claim that i am correct... as i have not have much experience in machinations of this tech world.. this being my first company.. and the first project.. ) I am of the opinion that if you are working and working good then one doesn't need to indulge in this gimmickry to prove his/her worth.. the WORK should do the talking instead of this endless rounds of MAILS.. and i think most U.S. engineers are able to distinguish between them.. and i guess if they don't then either you also indulge in this mindless crap or look for greener pastures..( I don't belive that if you worked sincerly then you need to prove that you were working.. its for all to see and judge.. )

~If 6 Was 9~

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