Sunday Ruminations...

This is my third post on reservation.. but i have a feeling that the protests have hit the dead end.. ( Arjun Singh is such an @ss#ole ..) i sincerly hope the goverment realise its folly but i guess the stakes have been made so high that it will be a political 'harakiri' for goverment to now back down.. and there are now voices in this f***n goverment (sorry for being so impolite .. but i can' help ) of extending this to private sector too.. we are seeing a method in this madness.. the goverment now says that it will increase seats to compensate for loss in seats to general category (due to reservation.. ) this is absurd.. i dont think premier colleges have the bandwidth (in terms of infrastructure, teaching staff..) to afford such a seat raise.. already the teacher-student ratio is pathetic... it will only go more down.. but one thing that's bothering me is why the goverment is not going for a monetary-based quota instead of caste-based.. i don't think that even a single soul in this county would be against reservations where the seats the allocated on the families monetary condition.. every party.. every individual.. every student in this country will support such a move and it will be politically correct as well as electorally sound .. but why goverment does not have that kind'of nerve to go for it i don't understand.. maybe the officials in the higher echelons of the goverment ( mind you they are there becuase of reservations) do not wish to share the spoils of reservations with the really-backwards..

~For Those About To Rock ...We Salute You~


  1. hi rahul
    thanks for visiting my blog and god knows how much and how long this reservation will be there...

  2. reservation to create another level of inequality ;)

  3. rahul,

    i think CPI had taken a principled stand for reservation based on family's monetary level. but, we know it s not going to work out that easy.

    you are right, things have reached a stage where there is no rollback!

  4. and now the SC rattles the doctors ;(

  5. @rachana
    Thanks for coming by.. everybody wants this muddle to get over as soon as possible.. pray that reason and logic wins..

    @dew drops
    I totally agree.. another wrong to mend someother injustice.. and now the courts have stepped in to bat for the goverment.. lets hope that there are saner voices this time around..
    Btw, thanks for visiting by.. :)

    though CPI is for monetary based quotas but they still haven't pressured the goverment to rethink over the quotas. whats more dishearting is the attitude of younger Ghandhis,Scindias,Pilots and Deoaras.. they are silent while the youth of this country burns...