That Elusive Life

you know... weekends are one huge disappointment that never fails to disappoint... you start longing for them on monday itself.. and by thursday evening, you are at your lively best.. only one more work day to weekend... on the friday evening, you feel like as if you have been released from a lifelong sentence... the friday's commute back home doesn't bother you... you feel your legs don't touch the grounds out of excitement... you think of stuff you gonna do this weekend... you think of the careless abandon that those two days will be... and you thank God for his big hearted-ness and for those two days when even the offices of hell are closed... and to be frank.. the real thing is big letdown... and then when its gone mostly doing nothing... you think what was the big fuss about it... but on the monday evening... you are back again yearning for that elusive weekend...

~King Of Pain~


  1. damn.. so true.. you hit the nail on the head :)

  2. Yeah that's true.....again a nice post from your end....