Method In Madness

i yesterday saw stanley kubrick's paths of glory... and today i read this piece of report on IHT... the build-a-war workshop... and i find a certain analogy from both as to how some people profit from sending other people to fight somebody else's worthless wars... and then you feel that these people in higher echelons of power, where life and death decisions are being made, they are more cheap then unknowns fighting in bigg boss or big brother (depending on which part of world you are living...) these people are cheats.. war profiteers... and spin doctors of the worst kind... look at the way the intel on iraq was twisted... and today similar reports of iran's involvement in arming shiite's have come... it's all coming to a full circle now... and the pattern is sickening though.. the problem is, any miscalculation by any of the sides.. and we have one helluva conflict on our hands from turkey to pakistan... and i don't think america has the stomach for it... at least for now...

~We Can Work It Out~

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