2008 American Credit Crisis

Thou' speak when the damage is already done. Alan Greenspan & his take on the deepening credit crisis

The news is getting increasingly ominous here, some are already hinting that this crisis in american financial markets could easily be the most gravest since the great depression, I am no expert on such a fancy subject but even the talk of comparing these two events makes you realize that things are maybe unravelling a bit too too fast. Maybe its all hoax, but then how could a company like Bear Stearn's be worth 2 bucks a piece just in matter of a fortnight. Being devalued 99% in fifteen days is something. There is more to it then meets the normal eye, and the way fed intervened [ Remember when satara-based UWB, that was sold lock,stock & barrel in three days by RBI ] to save it from going under suggests that its failure is maybe incomprehensible and could trigger a cascading set of failures. It means that there are other pressure points in the system that are under a lot of strain & are possibly waiting to rupture. I am surprised by the inherent flaws that this 'small' credit crunch has exposed in the glitzy american financial markets and its domino effect around the world. The seemingly hard and tinted glass building hides a lot of skeletons inside.

Its the return of the Karma in the financial markets these days, finally we are seeing that gigantic de-leverage-ing of the entire financial muddle that has been created over the years. Frankly, do we need so many financial instruments just to manage risk? All this risk based default swaps, where the risk can be quantified. It's good that some sanity is getting back into the system, but at a heavy cost. Somehow, how did not anybody saw this coming, how come those blue-blooded analysts were caught unaware. Over the years, Greenspan's low interest rate regime boomed these fancy paper and the housing market. Caution was the first thing that everybody threw to the winds, I guess if you keep good times for too long, then complacency sets in. But then some day the cookie had to crumble, and look the way it crumbled.

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