Stock Market's Nervous Breakdown

How can I have not guessed it, damn it. this turn of events in the stock market have taken even die hard market watchers literally with their pants down. Even I am, among the millions of so called small investor that have seen there investment go down week after week for last six weeks now. and you know what, I have stopped opening my demat account now , but should we be complaining as such?

Haven't we lost the right to complain about the precipitous fall when the rise of the markets was itself dubious. I have no problem with that, I have no problem in losing money when things crash, provided I had gained profit when the market was scaling high day after day. That's where the problem is, I invested in quality stocks that rose hardly in last couple of months of the bull market but have retraced a lot more when the chips were down. Bad sentiment I guess, has no reason, panic has no mind of its own, all it has is a momentum of its own. And still some people have the guts to come on TV day after day, saying that this support level would hold & we have bottomed out, that too when there were no more fundamental reasons for it to fall as there were for its heady ascent.

The bubble had to burst, the sorry part was that I was part of this circus, where no amount of smart investing works, hope this carnage ends fast, for its hurting now.

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  1. The only thing permanent in this life is CHANGE.News is ok when the person himself is not involved,but frightening & scary oterwise and that's the case with u!!!!