Thought Of The Day

On the IGP Rathore case and the victim party's decision to close the case against the alleged due to lack of hope in the "system". The "system" has its strange ways certainly. I just wonder what happens to those cultures where justice is not delivered and the rule of law is actually law of the mighty. What will come out of those societies. Would those society be worth living in. I know that the "system"can not give one 24 hour electricity in this sweltering heat or a decent job or healthcare for the millions on the lowest rung of the ladder. But respect is something we all deserve even if you don't give us anything else. And it doesn't cost a fortune to do that. To make sure that law of the land prevails. To make sure justice is delivered. To make sure, the weakest does not slip through this impersonal vast conundrum that we call "system". This much respect I think we all are worthy of as a citizen, as a human being with dignity and self-worth. I hope we are not asking to much. Something to ponder about. Something to wish for.

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