Sharp Left Turn Ahead

Hmmm... i usually don't write posts on politics.. but this has to be an exception... the assembly results in four states are out.. and there are no suprises as to who the real winners are.. Left parties undoubtedly.. the losers seems to be the ladies brigade (..Jaya and Mamata ...thank God !! ) the mainstream parties are nowhere in the reckoning.. and the left appear to be gaining strength with every elections.. that is surprising when you consider that we are in midst of a red-hot economy and record-breaking growth rates.. the left is not only continuing to hold on.. but it has found more recruits and reached out to newer areas for its 'hugger-mugger' policies... this trend of left revival is not only specific to india but is being seen worldwide.. all of americas except US and Canada has turned sharply left.. leaders like Hugo Chavez of Venezula have become the new poster boys of leftist ideology and student campuses... most of mainland and eastern europe is left-leaning now.. this is ironic.. there is no major total-communist territory left (China hmmm.. is part-communist and part-capitalist..).. no such great difficult times.. no wars.. no food scares.. and yet more and more people seems to be embracing it.. I think the world-wide behaviour is more of an aberration.. people experimenting with leftism politics as an alternative to centre and center-right politics.. but here in india their resurgent influence is plain good organizational support and lack of alternatives.. so what is rise of left bode for india.. futher slow reforms.. and no fuel hike in short term.. as Mr MS gets his acts together..

Btw.. Hail Capitalism .. i todya earned a tidy profit on Reliance Petroleum Listing.. :-))

~The Sounds Of Silence~


  1. Guess, the present world-Leftists are not really Left. They are more like centre-left. They just cant afford to live in the world of protectionism. Today's Left seem to understand that.

    Guess, US equivalent of Leftists are the Democrats and the UK equivalent is Labour.

  2. @sanchapanzo
    thanks for visiting by.. Yes, i agree that today's left is more of an amalgam of socialist and centre-left thinking.. The problem starts when they start showing their commuinst tendencies just to mobilize people. Take, Bolivia which last week nationalized the whole Oil Industry.. It is this reckless rabble-rousing we need to guard ourselves against.