Symptom Of Our Times

Well i recieved this joke through a mail that correctly describes the days of our lives..

Manmohan Singh to Bush Jr. : We are sending Indians to the moon next year.
Bush Jr. : Wow! How Many?
Manmohan Singh : 100
25 - OBC
25 - SC
20 - ST
5 - Sports Persons
5 - Terrorist Affected
5 - Kashmiri Migrants
5 - Minorities
9 - Politicians
and if possible...
1 - Astronaut
Bush Jr. : Me too interested.. Maybe Osama is hiding there or WMD are hidden there..

The way things are going it looks like we would be having quotas in trains and planes as well.. possibly the pilot shouting that the plane will not move untill the reserved seats are full..

~Burning Down The House~

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  1. Hi Rahul,
    LOL, Good one.
    I have been receiving many such mails.
    Btw, Thanks for visiting me blog,do keep in touch.