Frozen Thoughts

well.. this has to be one of the biggest breaks from the blogsphere.. ten days and no post.. not that i was busy, or maybe pondering.. i have gone over it... it was just that it didn't felt like writing... there were not much good things, bad things going around... writable things... after all blogging is just the manifestations of your daily experiences and feelings, and these feeling just make up words in your mind, and you need to pen them down to make room for the new ones.. its a constant process, i love being opinionated...for i hate being dumb... i can be numb, but not dumb.. and my feeling have been frozen by the dreaded winter chill of new england, but winter has its own charm.. you love the naked trees.. the frozen river thats flowing underneath... the group of ducks swimming in a small patch of water surrounded by all enclosing ice... you love the cold and stark boston skyline... it looks like a giant dystopian government machine on a clouded frigid day.. you love the sight of people all dressed in black with every type of cap conceivable... the light snow just takes you to those days when the snow would have mattered more than school homework... but i guess its not one of those days...

~Peaceful Easy Feeling~

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