Great Things India - 2006

enough has been said about 2006 being as one of the watershed years for india.. maybe it was.. but yes there are positive feelings about the year gone by.. maybe history books will be kind on 2006, not for we have achieved something magnificent, but because we did gain some stature, some confidence , some strength & some self-esteem and didn't lose much steam elsewhere.. it will not be the years that will leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.. but will be year that will be in footnotes for lot of reasons... nuclear deal.. continued strength of IT & ITeS.. red hot economy.. great year for investors(be it gold,realty or stocks).. rise of indian trans-nations.. record outbound & inbound inflows... relative political stability.. judicial & media activism.. good job market.. relative lull in terrorism.. no big sectarian or caste riots.. good trade figures.. rise of indian middle class... growth of quality spaces.. the urge to splurge.. vocal indian diaspora.. rising ambitions of young indians..

among the major negatives, the continuing farmers suicides.. the agrarian crisis engulfing rural india.. the alarming gap between rural & urban india.. dismal state of urban poor.. growing criminalization of society.. not much progress on indian science.. still lethargic pace of judicial & police reforms.. the growing chorus of quota-isation of india..

notwithstanding there is hope that this country has a destiny to be among the richest & righteous nations on the face of earth.. and its all that matters...

~The Crystal Ship~

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