What Is He Thinking !

so bush has walked the talk.. he managed to get more boots on the ground in iraq... i guess that was the easier part.. in spite of the non-binding resolution that being debated in washington here... but selling it to the people would be nearly impossible... four years of stalemate.. with no signs of any possible 'victory'... in any possible literal sense... but can he do something else besides what he has done... obviously he has the intel, but does intelligence pointed out that after steamrolling into iraq, they will be stuck up in the quagmire of insurgency that is technically a civil war.. so how can that intelligence be believed that 22000 more troops will turn the tide this time around... thats a mere fallacy.. i think its more of buying time tactics.. hoping that things just falls in place... wouldn't sending those men to afghanistan had been a better idea where NATO troops had been having a harrowing time against taliban.. and with the summers coming things are bound to get hotter again... doesn't it make better sense to at least salvage one theater instead of stuck up in both and ultimately losing both... and as if this was not enough he is sending another aircraft carrier to persian gulf as a show of strength to iran.. duh !! all the might of american military hasn't been able to bring peace to a single baghdad neighborhood, how can they claim to keep a leash on iran...

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